The Proposal of New Fashionable Style beginning with the Golf Accessories.

Through the great success of the young golfers, Golf starts to be one of the most attractive sports even among the young people. The susceptible young people are seeking after the golf style ' How to enjoy Golf' shifted from the style 'simply enjoy golf'.
Considering what the style is for measuring up to the sensibility of such a new-generation golfers, we got into the concept 'coordinating full-scale golf accessories.' At last.
As for the traditional coordinate, items such as golf bags to head covers to pouches are consistently coordinated by same brand and by same material in same color. Therefore we como!come! introduced the method for coordinating each item with the different combination of color, pattern and material.

There are several items: putter-covers trimmed with sensitive embroidery, knit head-cover designed with the same motif of pattern as the putter-cover, colorful golf bags to be matched with those covers, and sun visors, ball cases, iron club covers, poach and others.
We expect you to fully enjoy coordinating the golf accessories according to TPO: what you wear or how you feel at the moment.

= the main goods list=
Golf bags
Knit head-covers
Cap markers
Golf wears
And the golf accessories

<Our History>

In 2003,
  • The golf accessories brand como!come! was established from the como!come! Design Studio Department of SJP corp. and we began to sell the putter-covers and cap markers at our own internet shopping site and some of the golf shops.
In 2004,
  • Established como!come! Design Studio independent from the golf-related department.
  • Entered into the distributorship agreement with YAMANI corp. and began to sell our brand at the major department stores all over Japan and at the golf shops.
In 2005,
  • As the pro-service, joined to JPGA and JLPGA tours together with our distributor YAMANI corp., and got a huge supports from a lot of professional golfers including the young ladies professional golfers so that we became to be wide recognized as 'como!come! of the putter-cover'.
In 2006,
  • Started to develop and sell the putter-cover holder called 'Baby Tail' (registered utility model).
  • Sold the domestic knit head-covers in 100% wool.
In 2007,
  • Began to sell our original golf bags.
  • Sold the goods from the collaboration between 2 lady pro golfers, Yukari Baba and Saiki Fujita. Concluded the contract of golf equipment offer to the lady pro golfers Yumiko Baba and Yasuko Satoh.
  • Made a sale of the golf sweaters as the knit product with a great care.
In 2008,
  • Made the business agreements with Toei Golf Company in Korea and with Golf Town Company in Hong Kong to officially start export.
  • Sold the 'YOSHINO-YA' model collaborated with Yoshinoya Holdings and donated a portion of the sales to the Japan non profit organization ' JUNIOR GOLFER CONFERENCE OF JAPAN (JGC of JAPAN)'.
  • Extended the contract of golf equipment offer with Yasuko Satoh of JLPGA. In addition, concluded the contract of golf equipment offer to the seeded pro golf players of American LPGA, Mollie Fankhauser and Sarah-Jane Kenyon.
  • Ran a booth at Japan Golf Fair held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan in Feb.
Company name:
como!come! Design Studio Inc.,

#108 ELPULIMENTO Shinjuku, 6-7-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan


Sinichi Hirose

Main business description:
Planning, development, sales of the Golf goods

Year 2004
(Registration of brand name como!come! in 2003)

Web URL:
■ Putter-cover
Being sensitively embroidered with the great care to the detail, dozens of the original models are released every season. 2 types of form: Blade type and Neo-mallet type.

■ Baby Tail
Produced from the matching putter-cover: a holder for the putter-cover not in use.
Registered as a utility model in Japan.

■ Cap Clip Ball Marker
Developed and adopted the characteristic Marker which has a spring pedestal unaffected by any thickness of rim of a cap from the matching putter-cover.

■ Knit Head Cover
Accomplished by Jacquard stitches under the cooperation of the specialized knit manufacturer, which makes possible to have the complex design different from the existing knit covers by plain knitting or rib knitting.

■ Golf Bag
Golf bags of professional type 9inch, which respond to the all putter-covers and head covers we sell, have a production limit of 30 for each color per season. We have sold 7colors so far, but still have a plan to increase more color variation in future.
The stand type model in our original color is released as the collaboration with IZZO, U.S who has the patent of Double Strap.

■ Iron Club Cover and Pouch
adopted the colorful boa to coordinate with the caddie bag, and is made of the different material yet full of sense of fun to make a subtle color-coordination possible.

■ Visor and Cap
Spirit for enjoying colors spreads to things we wear from a sort of accessories, so it makes the players choose headgears suited each color of wear and accessory.

■ Sweater
Produced from the co-development with the manufacturer who originally has been specialized in knit products and sold under the invention of coordinating their knit products and knit wears.

■ Silver Item
The silver 925 ball markers and green forks are the luxury items yet practicable pieces. Besides, the both pendant and the key chain in the motif of putter head and green fork , in addition, the putter-cover of high class bull leather with the beautiful stitches and the silver logo, are exactly TAKUMI of Made-In-Japan.
● Birth of como!come!
Shinichi Hirose who is the president of como!come! Design Studio originally used to be in different field far from the golf market. He used to manage the company that does planning and production of articles of magazines and advertisements, so golf is just a hobby for him then.
A putter was the cue for him to change from golf as hobby to golf as business. It started from looking for a putter-cover for his favorite Bettinardi putter. Although he sought the fashionable one suiting for his putter, he could not find such a cover anywhere, but could find the covers of around 2000yen, on which the big logo of the other brand is put with simple and boring design.
What came across his mind then was the simple doubt, 'why nobody makes nice putter-covers suiting with this putter'. He also came up with another idea of possibility that it might have been sold well if I made the stylish and posh putter-cover. Moreover, the spirit of manager arisen inside him: 'I want to seek the possibility to develop to my original brand in future if I make it, furthermore dealing with the world....'
Since he used to be a journal editor, he had been familiar with the general knowledge of golf and known well about the relationship between putters and professional golfers. Besides, by the experience that he was making the advertising projects for products of several companies, the brand image advertisements the methods of the promotion came into his mind in a moment.

●Establishment and Promotion of Brand Image
There are a lot of professional golfers who don't sign any contract for only putter in 14 clubs with any club makers. We wondered that they might have use them if we offered nice putter-covers to such golfers, which turned out just as we wished. Furthermore, at the launch of our promotion, the player, Ai Miyazato who was in a high school had a great accomplishment that she won the cup in the professional tournament and the unprecedented boom in the professional lady-golfers happened in the next year.
We worked as a pro-service at the ladies professional tournaments, which led to the popularity that one of three players in a tour used our como!come! putter-cover.
The media cannot leave such a situation alone. como!come! putter-covers appeared on the various media and they recorded an extraordinary large sale.
Although our debut in the golf market was from a small and modest item putter-cover, it must have enough to raise our brand awareness, which was great success.
The image of como!come! with putter-cover has been firmly established, and we attained some collaborations with the club maker Fourteen, the specialized TV station of golf Golf Network, the famous golfers including Yukari Baba and Saiki Fujita, in addition, with the new character 'Rebecca Bon Bon' made by Yuko Shimizu who is a birth parent of Hello Kitty and now active as a freelance. The collaboration with Yoshinoya familiar by their beef bowls has been born in 2008. Moreover, the development and sales of Baby Tail (with trademark registration and utility model registration) as a quite new item may have had an impact on the market in any way.

As our promotion strategy, we always act various works for receiving enough subjects, and develop the fashion brand's way of image advertisement for raising the brand image: ALBA TROSS-VIEW, Weekly Golf Digest, Weekly Par-Golf, Golf Today and etc.
We are using the nonconventional method that is to make catalogues and leaflets for the putter-covers and the cap markers as fashion items even though they are supporting parts.

● Differentiation from the major brands and our design concept
On the other hand, it seems that there are many designs prioritized of high-efficiency production cost when we see the brand products from the major makers. The material, color and design are all same: e.g. the materials of Boston bag, head cover, pouch and others are all standardized from the material of big item caddie bag. It is seemingly a masterly coordinate, but we can learn that the cost must affect the design.

Masayo Ishikawa as the chief designer at our company is neither the industrial products designer nor apparel fashion designer, but was the graphic designer mainly of paper print. The design by her is basically created with the possible detail design by 2 dimensional printing. Therefore, it comes from the freewheeling thinking without any thought of profit. In a bad sense, it might be amateur thinking that has no sense of cost and efficiency. However, the minor companies like us have to sink into the market and cannot compete with the major companies having the large number of lot if we take a same design technique with them.
We believe that making our design, targeting a niche and creating are what we can do as a minor company. (That is why our products have to be priced higher than the normal ones.)

● Pursuit of beauty superbly in astray, and eventually finish by the sense of user
The point for our production is to pursuit the limiting point where we coordinate products by slightly changing colors, materials and designs but doesn't detract from the uniformity. So to speak, it is 'pursuit of beauty in astray', and we offer our customers the delight that they complete the combination by their own sense from a lot of colors and designs.
It also yields each character of users, which cannot be possible by the combination of same material, same color and same design,, but is the character in one and same brand. The final coordinate is absolutely created by the customer's sense... we como!come! wish to keep proposing how to enjoy with our brand.
Though we have been dealing with some golf accessories including putter-covers, cap markers, head covers, Baby-Tails, golf bags and others, we consider to penetrate the golf apparel market.
We achieved the sale of the sweaters flow-directed by the knit head cover as previously mentioned. Our key word is 'Neat Knit como!come!'. We cannot compete with them by the front door for breaking into the golf apparel market. Exploiting our clever genre ' como!come! with knit', we wish to make a breakthrough to the golf apparel market.