Comocome contract professional golfers

June 18, 2009 5:52 PM update

The current female professional tournaments are organized by The Ladies Professional Golfers Association of Japan (LPGA). There are 2 kinds of tournament, the regular tour which is for the famous ladies players who deserve to be seeded golfers, and step-up tour which is for unseeded professional players and the QT top players.
We Comocome have a contract with the seeded player, Yasuko Sato and are also supporting several unseeded players who are fighting in the step-up tours.
Last year, she got married with Yukio Nii who run the management company for her. The professional player, Yasuko Sato who has gotten a partner in both her public and private lives has had her score on the rise. She coordinates her golf skill during the annual New Zealand training camp at the beginning of year and seems to steadily complete her preparation for the first victory. She uses the Comocome's accessories like caddy bag, visor, and head covers, so let's follow her coordinate example!

Her blog: 'Dimple Life by Yasuko Sato

She is a younger sister of the professional golfer Yukari Bada who is active in the regular tours.
She has not gained the right to be seeded, yet, but we are assured that she will show herself flourishing as a regular player in near future. She is also using the Comocome's accessories. Go to support her if you have a chance to see the local games. The admission is free for the step games!!

Yoshimi Koda is a model in our Comocome's catalog and website. In fact, she has not gotten the professional license for tournament, but gotten the partial membership of the LPGA with which she can fully join the Step-up tours in the season '09. With her ability mastered the explosive power, it may be possible to win the Step-up tours and to join to the regular tournaments.

* She is currently looking for an affiliation and a sponsor, so we appreciate your interest in advance.
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In American tours, meanwhile, the Regular tours that the seeded players can compete in and 'the FUTURES tour', like, what we call Step-up tour in Japan, are held.
In fact, from the American tours, we have received some e-mails from the professional female players who want to use our Comocome's caddy bags and head covers, with a good sense (!?) We have no special advertisements in America, but we have received quite a lot of such requests. Indeed there are a lot of young female players who are attuned to the fashions, so we are delighted to know that our products attract attention from them.

Last year, Mollie gained the LPGA card with the third prize in the annual ranking of FUTURES tour. She might not have been able to be active so much in her first year, but she showed her true ability in the QT (Qualifying Tournament) and came down to join the regular tour again by ranked fifth with flying colors. She will continue to use our Comomcome's stuffs, so we are now making the new bag for her.
She went round the final batch of group in the ANZ ladies Masters in Australia in Feb. 2009. Such her good showing was reported by the Japanese TV. This year, the four Japanese players joined the LPGA, so we will have more chances to watch the games on TV.
Her name Mollie Fankhauser, which is a little hard to be remembered, but we are happy if you watch golf with keeping her name at the back of your mind.


She is a stylish golfer who win the cup in the golf television network's popular TV program 'BIG BREAK' in America. Such achievement has allowed her to join the FUTURES and the LPGA tournaments this year. She is a sort of Cinderella girl but can only exist with her ability. The point of her who has individuality and is fashionable is a scarf for tying her hair up! It seems to attract a lot of attention in her country. She e-mailed us that she liked the Comocome's bags and really loved to use them. Apparently she saw Mollie and Sarah using our products last year. Kim Welch who is from Hawaii is a Hawaiian-Japanese, so we unconsciously feel like cheering for her. Do you think the Comocome can sweep the LPGA tours by taking advantage of this Cinderella girl!?


She is Sarah who is in Australia and the first user of our Comocome products as an international professional golfer. We heard that she had saw our putter covers used by the Japanese female golfers joining in the American tours and scouted around our products and reached to find our WEB site at last. It is already scheduled that she will play in the LPGA in the season '09, so we look forward to her great achievement. She has a good relationship with Mollie introduced above and hangs out with her when they have some tours in Australia. She will keep playing golf with our orange-white bag this year. In Australia, she every time appears in the calendar collected the beautiful female golfers with her good looks!
Reno having very pointy-looks (we don't know why everyone call her first name as a nickname) is a Michigander and is a Chap Stick lover. She must have been an ace in her local University, the University of Michigan. Well, whatsoever, it is sure that she must be an attention seeker. She is one of the female professional golfers who are fighting in the FUTURES tours, aiming to join to play in the LPGA. The Comocome's product must be the first one to appear with her on the LPGA official website.


We'd like to watch her play on TV next time.

From the European female tours, one girl has joined our Comocome team! Dana is an Australian and a friend of Sarah. She is going to fully play in the LET (the Ladies European Tour) in the season '09. But unfortunately, the LET tours are rarely televised, but the US Female Open and the Evian Masters can be televised at best in Japan.
Still, France, England, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, etc... how many countries is she going to visit!?
It is a pity for us that there has never been even though the next country Korea has the Joint Tours...


Here is anther Aussie lady, Marousa Polias. She appears in the 09 calendar on which the beautiful woman professionals in Australia act as a model. She is playing LET this year, but we hope she plays at JLPGA tour someday.

Seve Ballesteros and Sergio Garcia etc., there are many men's professional golfers who represent Spain, but not many in women. Elisa Serramia builds nice website for self promotion and use it for sponsor acquisition, etc. The "Lovepi☆"  headcovers is her great favorite. And the logo of como!come! is shrewdly recorded, too.