Vol.1 Tsugio Sakamaki

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Tsugio Sakamaki




English translation:MIYA SAKASHITA

"I have been in this field for over 50 years from 15-years old when I got into the bags store.
It was the time that we had no choice to have a job freely. Since I was poor at study, but was good only at art with the deft fingers, my teacher might have introduced such a job to me. When I was in the junior high school, I was asked to draw the paper cover of the graduation writings, I completed the picture by slapping a sort of hand made wooden stamp. I have always loved doing such a thing."

It is about 40 years ago from now that Mr. Tsuguo Sakamaki being 28 years old established Sakamaki corp. When the bags store that he worked for went into bankrupt and he was making his living from the subcontract work of processing camera cases, a apparel vender who had had a connection with him when he used to work for the old company asked him to continue to undertake his job, which had triggered his business promotion.

"It is in the early 50's of Showa Era(around in the late 1970) that he became to be remembered as 'Sakamaki of Gulf Bags'. It's like my nature is really enthusiastic or uncompromised...I have been serious to cultivate my manufacturing technique. Therefore I was so pleased when my work passed the audit by Burberry Limited that was well-known for its strict standards."

His work process starts from making paper patterns. He images the real size of three dimensions with looking at the planar design drawing and clips each parts in full-scale from cardboards. Of course he does not write any detail size down on the design drawings.
"Although some people told me, 'I'm so impressed by your works!', the data like 'this line should have this angle' had already soaked into my mind. In case of making a golf bag, it might be about 70 pcs of parts needed. I set to work on sample making once seizing the image of the completed product putting the pieces together. The knives for clipping rubbers are from the hardware store, 'IWATA-YA'. I am always edging them after using, then buy the new one once they get shorten, which is my repeating process. I also use over 20 kind of hardware like binders and others. The more parts the golf bag has, the more chances to show my technique I have, so making golf bags is enormously worth the work."

Actually seeing the design drawing, you can only see the 2 parts that show the front and back side of bag drawing. When this drawing becomes to the three dimensional object, where and how much the volume thoroughly results in its form difference.
The beautiful form of caddy bags should be created at once, which requires the skilled intuition of the specialist.

"For years, the conception 'buying the cheaper goods at any rate' is the main stream among people, but I also feel that the conception 'buying the goods which can be made only in Japan' is coming back, though only gradually. Considering the possibility of elevating labor cost by the Beijing Olympics, it might lose some of consideration of mass production by low-cost labor overseas. The time when everyone rediscovers the high degree of the Japanese technique might be not so fall off."

Yes, I wish the Japanese TAKUMI is brought once again to the fore and the handmade piece as the great product is given to the world.

The each paper patterns made of cardboard, by which He clips each parts in full-scale, while imaging the three dimensional object with seeing the design drawing received from the planner.

At Sakamaki, the Japanese skilled staffs are finishing all the process by hand, which is why the products pass the audit by the famous brand.

Several tools being long-used: the binders for rolling bias tape on the parts of sewing, which is used different for different purpose like 'triple rolling', 'beading' and others.

The knives for clipping are from the hardware store IWATA-YA. The forged cutting tools by IWATA-YA are treasured by a lot of specialists.

For the Come!Come! goods with a full care, ' it was the most severe work that I had ever had.' He said.