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We will start to sell limited tour bag again. We have been sold 15 different colors so far, but these are new colors too! Only 50 pcs. limited production in the world. Will be on sale in the end of June. The price is 57,000JPY and FREE shipping for world wide.


↑「ローズピンクxブラック」ハデですが男性でも使えるピンクとレッドの中間色です ①半透明のアクリルからはしっかり中のヘッドカバーも見えます ②ボアは差し色と同系色 ③ポケットなど裏生地も差し色と同系色 ④リアのポケットには☆のアクリル窓でワンポイントアクセント ⑤フロントサイドにある小さなポケット(左側)は、内貼りがボアになり、貴重品など傷つけないように配慮 ⑥両サイドのキリカエ境界には、カラーアクリル仕様。この辺りの小さなこだわりが、全体のデザインに生きています ⑦ショルダーボアももちろん差し色と同系色



↑左から「シルバーxホワイト」「トリコロール」「ホワイトxブラック」「ブラックxライトブルー」 コモコーメでは初めての3色使いトリコは要注目です!

メイン~1.JPG David Whitlam as the putter designer, he is popular among many golfers.   He is the founder of Whitlam Golf in USA.  More than a year ago, I received an e-mail from him unexpectedly.  Since then, we have polished ideas together, and finally completed this milled-putter 'Gecko'.

DW%20web.jpg Whitlam putters are used by many professional golfers in USA.  Using Whitlam putter-head, the illustration and colors were designed by como!come!.   It is not just a showy putter!  It is the putter head used 303 stainless-steel from the ingot by CNC milled process.  It offers you the best feeling of putting among milled putters.  Of course, it is made in USA.  This is the limited edition of 100 putters with serial numbers by Como!Come!.  And it comes with Como!Come!'s original putter cover.  The putter cover was modified especially for GECKO putter to wrap the whole head.

■Going to be released in April 23rd.

■Price 60,000JPY with orijinal headcover.

■We take pre-order in advance. Please contact  here. This model is not sold in other than Japan!

■Shipping FREE for Worldwide!!  



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