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Treasure Hunging!

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    切り抜きコラージュTのコピー.jpg 切り抜き魔女のコピー.jpg

Our new polo-shirts for coming season, we designed "Trex" for men and "witch" for women.

A polo-shirt studded with each characters, there might be a special one!  Check your shirt!  And if you find "fire blowing trex" (for men) or "witch on a shooting star" (for women), it would be a lucky treasure.  You win the gift from ComoCome worth thirty thousand yen!



             ファイヤーT-REX.jpg            魔女流れ星.jpg

If your polo-shirt is with such character, please take photos of character itself and hiding place.  And don't forget to keep the brand tag (with silver shape star).  And contact ComoCome by e-mail with photos first.  Then send us the brand tag by mail to below address.



Attn: Tresure Hunting

Como Come Design Studio

Elprepento #108,

Shinjuku 6-7-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022  Japan


※Please note that the polo shirts with secret characters were made around 4-5% of total production.  We even don't know which shops carry these shirts.  And please not to contact stores for availability of these special characters on shirts.



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