Wipe off your negative moods caused by bad shots!

June 3, 2010 11:26 PM update

 Have you ever done 'sand feeding' on the course while playing golf?  Most of the players may agree that once you start feeding sands, you would not pass any divots without doing.  Until I have my own sands-bag, I was not paying attention on divots made by other players.  But now, I almost try to feed sands to every divot on the course, and feel reluctance to leave the divots without doing.



May be... I am completely absorbed in feeding sands to the next hitting point.  I remembered that one of the top amateur golfers was saying.  "I feel so calm when I am feeding sands.  Especially after the bad shot, 'feeding sands' would make me relax and refresh.  I can restart my play".


Indeed!  Feeding sands might be a way of forgetting your bad shots.  You may think it is strange that people feel reluctance to leave the divots without feeding sands, rather than their bad shots.  But the worst thing in playing golf is, keep the influence of bad shots.  If you want to play in the calm mood through out 18 holes, it is worth to try "feeding sands"!



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