They are famous in the world, but not in Japan.

May 17, 2010 10:54 AM update

If you recognize Endo Manufacturing Co., you must be very familiar with Golf brands.  They are listed company who makes car related parts and golf clubs.  They are one of the top manufacturers of cavity club head.  They are specialized for titanium head and are depended on both US and Japanese club manufacturers with high confidence.


Epon - the subsidiary of Endo produces clubs under the name of Epon brand.  It is pronounced E-pon in English.  In Japanese it is pronounced 'yepon'.  In overseas, they are very famous as 'original golf club brand by Endo'.  Unfortunately, they are not well known in Japan. There are reasons for that. In Japan, major golf shops and stores carry Japanese brands like Bridgestone, Mizuno and SRI, and world big names like Callaway , Taylormade and Titlest.  These brands are all good customers for Endo.  So Endo would not want to compete with these customers by selling at the same store as competitor.  That is why Epon clubs can be available only at limited factory stores. How honesty they are!   May be, I think this honest minds brings confidences from big names.


We, Japanese golfers should be proud of such clubs are made by Japanese company who is well admired by major brands, even though these are not seen at the regular stores.


And last year, we como!come! received an inquiry from Epon for collaboration project.  Of course, we are very honored by this offer.  Our designer surely had pressures to create a suitable head-cover for Epon brands.  Now the new head covers came up with very wonderful design.  Not only Epon users but also other golfer may wish to have these items.  But sorry!  It is not available even at como!come! .  It is only available at Epon Club shops.



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