Young, beautiful, stout girl professionals from como!come! Japan.

May 18, 2009 8:15 PM update

 marousa_polias ss.jpgI don't know how they reach to us, but some woman professionals E-mail us about como!come!  golf accessories. Unfortunately, we can not afford everyone, but they are all indeed stout young women.They are young female soldier who fights in foreign countries from among.


Promoting themselves is also positive. Women in the world know necessity of having confidence or promoting themselves high evaluate to winning the games. On the other hand,the Japanese tends to assume modesty to be virtue.Moreover, it is serious in money to fight in the arena of warfare of the world. If you didn't know how to get the sponsor acquisition, it is not possible to do.

I think modesty to be a disadvantage in the professional world.Bullish posture is suited however because it is a player in the foreign country. 

 When the people and musmedias can accept those Japanese professional players who can  do such a bullish remark,maybe they can become stout more strongly.   ☆Shige☆

Kim Welch 0905.jpg


・( photo: right  abobe) Young orgy Marousa Polias plays at Lady's European Tour as main battlefield.She appeared in the Australia ladies professionals golfers calendars in 2009.

・(photo:  left abobe) Young lady professional ELISA SERRAMIA from Spain plays at Lady's European Tour.She builds the website for self promotion and use it for sponser acquisition, etc. The   "Lovepi☆" headcovers is haer great favorite. And the logo of como!come! is shrewdly recorded, too.

(photo: right  below ) Kim Welch won the game of  mailbag TV program of the golf channel"Big Break". Then,she got the qualification to entered the Future's Tour.Her trademark is a bandana of the head.She doesn't remove the bandana even so though here is an important part of the sponsor acquisition.She is half Japanese too!





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