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Yukari Baba who is one of the top proffesional golfers in Japan. However, she has not only the talent of playing golf but also the talent of the commercial design concerning the golf business. さそりカバーs.jpg


"Bear's Memo" is a very popular for LPGA players in Japan. We call Simon's Memo at JGTO tours (Men's tournament) but ladies do not use just memo. They use transparency cover for it. Yukari Baba is very stylish for her clothes and accessories when she play.  So, she doesn't use just memo with the transparency cover. She decorates the cover with rhinestones. Then, that insipidly cover transforms to a super-cool cover !  She is busy that because some her friends of tour ask for decorate their cover to Yukari. Of course she doesn't get any money.  


A few years ago, I was thinking to sell cool cover for course guide book for armatures. It was for sale of course. But I was right that I didn't, because Yukari makes such nice covers without profit. And I was given one of it!  It is a golfer exactly becoming it who chooses the yarn number looking at the guide book put in the cover in the course. It is an amateur favor.    ☆Shige☆










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