Power Stones, Mental Golf and Positive thinking.

June 16, 2010 7:06 PM update

This is a story about one of the professional ladies golfers.  A week after she passed the certified test for professionals, she was on the teeing ground to start a day.  Her bracelet made by power-stone was broken.  All the stones were dispersed on the ground.  She blurted out "What a bad luck to start with!"  Then her friends said, "Don't you know your power-stone fulfilled its' duty!  You became a professional last week!"   


I do not want to argue whether power-stone has such power or not.  But I think it is important if you can keep being positive by believing these powers.  Positive thinking is related to the mental factor.  Especially "Golf" is often considered as mental sports.  There may be 50% of technique and 50% of mental.  In professional tournaments, some people say 70% of mental would share the whole games.  Even though the techniques are extremely high, the players cannot demonstrate abilities without good mental conditions.  Paradoxically speaking, even if technique is not high enough, a player can obtain good scores by good mental management. So player with high technical ability with good mental management would make a very strong player.  It is common to say that embodying the image is very important in any sports. The strong players always speak in a positive way.

Without mental trainings, it is difficult to keep a calm mental condition during the tournament.   With well prepared trainings and practices, if still need something to depend on, people may rely on unscientific items like a talisman.  And power-stone jewelry may have this role. It is not too much to say that the power-stone jewelry would be the accessory for the spirits.

By the way, the ladies professional player I mentioned above, she always have smile on face when play golf.  After she became a professional officially, she won the first step-up tournament.  Then she kept good records at the freshman's tournaments and QT.  She started to play in the regular tour this season.  It is needless to say, but she is a very positive thinker with very nice characters.

Until she participated into the regular tours, her results were very good.  In this season for regular tours, she only made three times to the finals.  But last week, all of sudden, her putting became extremely good.  At the first round, she scored her best, and at the final round, she kept making miracle puts!  And again, she renewed her best score at the final round... then won the tournament.  In addition, her score was the tie score at the tournament record in history.  It was the heroic deed!

And, there was the power-stone jewelry on her left hand holding up the championship trophy.


Wipe off your negative moods caused by bad shots!

June 3, 2010 11:26 PM update

 Have you ever done 'sand feeding' on the course while playing golf?  Most of the players may agree that once you start feeding sands, you would not pass any divots without doing.  Until I have my own sands-bag, I was not paying attention on divots made by other players.  But now, I almost try to feed sands to every divot on the course, and feel reluctance to leave the divots without doing.



May be... I am completely absorbed in feeding sands to the next hitting point.  I remembered that one of the top amateur golfers was saying.  "I feel so calm when I am feeding sands.  Especially after the bad shot, 'feeding sands' would make me relax and refresh.  I can restart my play".


Indeed!  Feeding sands might be a way of forgetting your bad shots.  You may think it is strange that people feel reluctance to leave the divots without feeding sands, rather than their bad shots.  But the worst thing in playing golf is, keep the influence of bad shots.  If you want to play in the calm mood through out 18 holes, it is worth to try "feeding sands"!

They are famous in the world, but not in Japan.

May 17, 2010 10:54 AM update

If you recognize Endo Manufacturing Co., you must be very familiar with Golf brands.  They are listed company who makes car related parts and golf clubs.  They are one of the top manufacturers of cavity club head.  They are specialized for titanium head and are depended on both US and Japanese club manufacturers with high confidence.


Epon - the subsidiary of Endo produces clubs under the name of Epon brand.  It is pronounced E-pon in English.  In Japanese it is pronounced 'yepon'.  In overseas, they are very famous as 'original golf club brand by Endo'.  Unfortunately, they are not well known in Japan. There are reasons for that. In Japan, major golf shops and stores carry Japanese brands like Bridgestone, Mizuno and SRI, and world big names like Callaway , Taylormade and Titlest.  These brands are all good customers for Endo.  So Endo would not want to compete with these customers by selling at the same store as competitor.  That is why Epon clubs can be available only at limited factory stores. How honesty they are!   May be, I think this honest minds brings confidences from big names.


We, Japanese golfers should be proud of such clubs are made by Japanese company who is well admired by major brands, even though these are not seen at the regular stores.


And last year, we como!come! received an inquiry from Epon for collaboration project.  Of course, we are very honored by this offer.  Our designer surely had pressures to create a suitable head-cover for Epon brands.  Now the new head covers came up with very wonderful design.  Not only Epon users but also other golfer may wish to have these items.  But sorry!  It is not available even at como!come! .  It is only available at Epon Club shops.

Dana Lacey's Golf Bag by como!come!

August 26, 2009 7:31 PM update

_Dana purple bag.jpg_.jpg 

Dana Lacey who is Australian pro-golfer and playing at ELT this season. She wanted to use our comocome golf bag because she likes vivid colors. At first we asked her what colors she likes, then we show some illustrates that can see some color coordinates. It is very difficult to corvine the body color, astener's color, inside material's color and acrylic part color all together. Some times we can not find good color that go with other part. Then finally Dana has chosen the colors of white + yellow and purple + pink. purple is too lighter than we expected, but we were sure there is no golf bag like that color.



And we always think about coordination with bag,  putter cover and head covers. Coordinating these items, it is our most important concept.

Dana sent us some photos with her favorite bags. Thank you Dana. We hope to see you on Golf Channel TV in near future.



_Dana bag 2_edited-1ss.jpg_Dana New Bag.jpg__edited-2.jpg 

Young, beautiful, stout girl professionals from como!come! Japan.

May 18, 2009 8:15 PM update

 marousa_polias ss.jpgI don't know how they reach to us, but some woman professionals E-mail us about como!come!  golf accessories. Unfortunately, we can not afford everyone, but they are all indeed stout young women.They are young female soldier who fights in foreign countries from among.


Promoting themselves is also positive. Women in the world know necessity of having confidence or promoting themselves high evaluate to winning the games. On the other hand,the Japanese tends to assume modesty to be virtue.Moreover, it is serious in money to fight in the arena of warfare of the world. If you didn't know how to get the sponsor acquisition, it is not possible to do.

I think modesty to be a disadvantage in the professional world.Bullish posture is suited however because it is a player in the foreign country. 

 When the people and musmedias can accept those Japanese professional players who can  do such a bullish remark,maybe they can become stout more strongly.   ☆Shige☆

Kim Welch 0905.jpg


・( photo: right  abobe) Young orgy Marousa Polias plays at Lady's European Tour as main battlefield.She appeared in the Australia ladies professionals golfers calendars in 2009.

・(photo:  left abobe) Young lady professional ELISA SERRAMIA from Spain plays at Lady's European Tour.She builds the website for self promotion and use it for sponser acquisition, etc. The   "Lovepi☆" headcovers is haer great favorite. And the logo of como!come! is shrewdly recorded, too.

(photo: right  below ) Kim Welch won the game of  mailbag TV program of the golf channel"Big Break". Then,she got the qualification to entered the Future's Tour.Her trademark is a bandana of the head.She doesn't remove the bandana even so though here is an important part of the sponsor acquisition.She is half Japanese too!



Japanese ladies pros are in cutting edge of golf business.

April 6, 2009 1:15 PM update

Yukari Baba who is one of the top proffesional golfers in Japan. However, she has not only the talent of playing golf but also the talent of the commercial design concerning the golf business. さそりカバーs.jpg


"Bear's Memo" is a very popular for LPGA players in Japan. We call Simon's Memo at JGTO tours (Men's tournament) but ladies do not use just memo. They use transparency cover for it. Yukari Baba is very stylish for her clothes and accessories when she play.  So, she doesn't use just memo with the transparency cover. She decorates the cover with rhinestones. Then, that insipidly cover transforms to a super-cool cover !  She is busy that because some her friends of tour ask for decorate their cover to Yukari. Of course she doesn't get any money.  


A few years ago, I was thinking to sell cool cover for course guide book for armatures. It was for sale of course. But I was right that I didn't, because Yukari makes such nice covers without profit. And I was given one of it!  It is a golfer exactly becoming it who chooses the yarn number looking at the guide book put in the cover in the course. It is an amateur favor.    ☆Shige☆